What good are fame, fortune, and friends if you don’t have the ability to enjoy them?

It saddens me to know that people work so hard for their goals that they don’t take care of their selves in the process. You save up for that trip to South America only to discover once you get there you can’t walk half a mile without having to take a break or your knees start hurting. I’ve seen parents that are afraid of getting on the ground to play with their kids in fear of not being able to get back up. Or maybe you wake up every day, just feeling out of balance, like something is wrong. But you just chug back that coffee, take some vitamins and get right back to work, hoping you will feel better the next day.

The majority of people these days have some type of dysfunction in their natural ability to be a human being, to be normal. Back pain, shoulder pain, stomachaches, headaches, stress. We accept these as being a part of getting older or being busy. We don’t question these things because most of the people around us have the same issues and have done the same. But what if we did question them?

If you’re in your 20’s or earlier, you might not understand this right now. You might feel invulnerable, like you can take on the world. But as we get older, the choices we’ve made up to this point begin to manifest themselves, good or bad.

We want to fix these issues and help reinforce the good habits you already have. This section is built to help you feel normal again. You will learn about how the body works, why it reacts the way it does to different stimuli, and what to do about it. We will discuss general subjects like diet & exercise and dive deeper into more specific practices like anatomy, physical therapy, and nutrition.

Take back control of your life by consciously making positive decisions now! Work to create healthy routines, for these healthy routines will soon become healthy habits. And those healthy habits will soon become a healthy lifestyle.


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