Personal Finance

Maybe if we were taught personal finance in the twelve (or more) years of schooling prior to college, we wouldn’t even go to college. Maybe we would have the financial knowledge to decide whether or not it was fiscally responsible to pursue higher education. Don’t get me wrong, I am a firm believer in higher education, but maybe not if your broadcast journalism degree earned you $60,000 worth of student loans.

Add another four years of college and unless you pursued a business-related degree, chances are you still haven’t had any personal finance education. Here’s an all-too-accurate stereotype for you: a recent college graduate gets a salary job with monthly income far beyond what they are used to. Looking for somewhere to stash all this extra money, they decide the best place is in a car payment they can’t afford or all the five-star restaurants they’ve always wanted to try.

I’m not trying to scare you… actually, I am. Too many young professionals will spend years trying to pay off debt due to student loans and poor decisions. We want to help you avoid those poor decisions or dig yourself out of the debt you’re already in. Keep in touch with this section to learn everything from budgeting to mortgages to investing, you know, the stuff you should have learned in high school to be a successful adult.


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