Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Rather, allow me to introduce ourselves. My name is Lucas, my friend’s name is Chris, and we’re just a couple of college graduates thrown into the “real world” to fend for ourselves. We’re both techies, Chris has a B.S. in Computer Science and I have a B.S. in Computer Engineering and a Business minor. We’re also both passionate about learning, learning how to learn, learning how to better ourselves, and helping others with what we have learned.

Let’s get down to the inspiration for this blog.

It didn’t take us long after we were out of college to realize that we were never taught how to live our lives outside of doing our daily job. Why weren’t we taught how to set goals? Why weren’t we taught how to interview? Why weren’t we taught how to budget or file our taxes or save for retirement? How do I improve my credit score or dig out of debt or mortgage a house? How have we gone through 16+ years of schooling without knowledge necessary to succeed in life?

These are the issues we are faced with daily and we are undoubtedly accompanied by thousands of high school and college graduates every year. We want to learn how to succeed in life, whether that be occupationally, financially, socially, or personally, and what better way to learn for ourselves than teaching you? As we go about our lives, we’ll constantly have to learn new things the hard way so that we can teach you the easy way, but feel free to contact us with topic requests. Chances are if you’re dealing with an issue we haven’t dealt with yet, we’ll have to eventually, so we’d be more than happy to roll up our sleeves and dive into some research!


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